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birch beer

La is working steady finishing up a web design and I am in some kind of avoidy mood. I've tinkered with my template, ate Ellio's frozen pizza and taken digi-pics of the xmas tree.

I just went on a 32 minute google for Ellio's pizza on the web. I couldn't find a good link, but I found a blog that mentions loving Ellio's pizza and BIRCH BEER! I too love both Ellio's pizza and birch beer, so maybe I will have to dig deeper at her blog in the future.

I think these things are decidedly "east coast" because La had never heard of them and they are some of my childhood faves. But now she's a convert. I didn't even know you could get Ellio's in MA until our local market had a twofer sale. And its seems kind of hard to get birch beer here, but mom had it in the house at xmas. Now I am hooked on both all over again. Like crack.

I want to make my own now. I have become obsessed in the last 14 minutes. Root beer, birch beer, sasparilla and sassafrass. I don't even know what the last two taste like. I must do this...and soon.

If you don't know what birch beer is...well. It's similar to root beer, but, y'know...different. Smoother. Creamier. It's like the opposite of ginger beer, but in the same category. As opposed to something strawberry flavored. Ew.

La is now done working for the night so that means bed. When she pushed away from the desk she realized that boo had brought up the mousie and dropped it by her feet. La didn't notice until now. boo wanted attention. she wanted to play. and La was too busy. Someone cue "Cat's in the Cradle".

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