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For the love of recycling (Part 1)

I am all about the recycling right now. Shopping in thrift stores, staring lovingly at my compost bin, selling and swapping on CraigsList, and the Low End Mac "swap" list, trading CDs at spun.com, and of course eyeing Swappingtons with interest...its all making my head spin and its all about recycling.

I am working on a theory about recycling, but for now, I want to address a more traditional recycling topic: recycling batteries (no, seriously)

Did you know that alkaline batteries manufactured since 1996 don't contain mercury and therefore can be thrown out with your household trash? I didn't until today. Because I thought some of you might be wondering :::pointed look::: I just thought I'd mention that.

All rechargeable batteries, like your cell phone battery, power tool batteries, and apparently hearing aid batteries, MUST be recycled. Cuz they are like wicked toxic (as we say here in the Bay State) for the environment. So, you can head over to the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation to find places near you to drop off your batteries. Most RadioShacks and local hardware stores seem to be a part of this. So, Bring a Bag of Batteries (its a new song I'm writing) to participating locations and they will handle all the recycling mojo.

If you live in the Rosi area, I've already pruned the massive list the RBRC locator service returns. Check out our local drop-off list.

Now you know where rechargeable batteries go to die.

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